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Operation Veronica has been supporting our Troops from behind our sewing machines since August 6, 2005.  

We came to be in response to a need to do something to show our support for the brave men and women serving us in uniform.    We learned that the temperatures in Iraq and Afghanistan reached 135 degrees, s
o a group of us gathered to sew neck coolers.  We hoped they would offer some relief from such blistering heat.

Our intention was to meet for that one day.  We were mistaken.  We continued to meet and grow.  But our mission remained the same - show our Troops tangible proof that we are grateful for all they are doing for us.

An idea that began with a few neck coolers soon grew to include making Polar Fleece neck warmers when those temperatures dropped to freezing in the bitter winter months.

From that quiet start, we have grown to include all manner of comfort items with our weekly shipments.    

Last year we added Survival Bracelets to our list of homemade items.  These are bracelets made from 550 Paracord.  It gives our Troops a convenient way to carry 10 to 12 feet of cord that is able to support 550 pounds!  We are told that this cord is used for everything from lashing down equipment to stringing the ridge-line of a tent to simply repairing a bootlace.  

We pack everything from Oreo cookies to socks and underwear!  We've even filled a wish list that included glue traps and nail polish!  Whatever we are asked for, whatever we have heard may be helpful and whatever we think may just be nice to have - we send it off.

Over the years, we have been invited by the men and women stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti to participate in their charitable efforts.  In support of their generous spirit we have sent hundreds of pairs of children's shoes, school supplies when we were asked to donate to Operation Backpack - an effort undertaken by American Soldiers to supply the schools they began in 40 year old UN tents.

Each winter we are asked to send warm clothing and blankets for the children of Afghanistan.  The winters are so harsh that the survival rate for these little ones is bleak.  None of us are surprised that the wonderful men and women serving us in the world reach out to care for them.  

As for us, we are simply a group of grateful Americans who wanted to find a way to show our support and appreciation.  

We know for sure that we need to keep on with our mission because we hear from those brave men and women that the packages are appreciated –
as much for their contents as they are for the message they convey ;

  • Your sacrifices are valued.
  • You are prayed for.
  • We support you.  

Since our start, we have shipped tens of thousands of handmade items to Troops serving us far from home. 

We are honored to perform this service.

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